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The Cobb County Business Bootcamp is a program created for small, minority-owned business owners and those dreaming of starting their own businesses. This program offers education, community, and a practical way to build and expand sustainable businesses. 



Transforming lives and building legacy 

At the Cobb County Business Bootcamp, our goal is simple, to equip small, minority-owned businesses in Cobb County with the tools, knowledge and support needed to write your business’s success story. For that, we have assembled a team of seasoned experts with a proven track record who have built our a community unlike any other with a robust A-Z online business courses, live workshops, peer-to-peer roundtables, done-with-you services and more.

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Our Offerings

Your journey starts here

Online courses and pathways

Learn at your own pace and choose your pathway with our DIY online courses

Online community platform

Interact with other members and learn from each others experience

Peer-to-peer roundtables

Collaborate with your other like-minded entrepreneurs in our peer-to-peer roundtables

Done-with-you services

Our vetted local consultants will work with you to solve your business challenges

The Cobb County Business Bootcamp Advantage

Empowering small minority owned businesses in Cobb County to thrive


Our courses were exclusively created by our subject matter experts and tailored to Cobb County businesses. This will give aspiring and existing business owners access to knowledge and strategies that will guide them from the founding of their business to the growth and eventual sale of their business.


Through a mix of an online community platform, live events and in-person events, our members are able to collaborate and build lasting relationship bonds while learning from each other.


Our members have access to services provided by our vetted vendors who have a proven track record. These vendors will work with the businesses to solve their challenges and set them up for success.

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Learn how the CCBB is bringing innovative A-Z solutions to help support minority and underserved small businesses in Cobb County, GA.

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Our Why

Why choose the Cobb County Business Bootcamp


of BiPOC businesses close within the first 18 months

We’re committed to giving you the support you need to not only survive, but thrive and grow.

Content and courses

Our learning pathways

Our content is split up into 6 learning pathways. Each pathway has multiple courses that allow our members to gain expertise and knowledge in different aspects of that pathway. Members can take courses on as many different pathways as they choose and each pathway has qualified experts who will facilitate the courses.




Finance and Legal

Human Resources

Entrepreneurial Evolution