How it works

Understanding our scholarship tiers

Applicants who qualify according to the criteria defined by the ARPA grant will receive a free scholarship for the CCBB program. Read below to understand how our scholarship tiers work and what they give you access to.

Tier 1

All qualified applicants first receive access to our Tier 1 scholarship.

This scholarship does not expire and grants access to:

  • Online Community
  • All DIY Online Courses

Tier 2

All qualified applicants receive access to our Tier 2 scholarship. This scholarship expires in 6 months. Members may apply for renewal.

This scholarship grants access to 12 CCBB credits. These credits may be used for:

  • Live Workshops
  • Peer-to-Peer Roundtables
  • Done-with-You Services

Tier 2 Credit System

How to use your 12 CCBB Credits

Members who qualified for the Tier 2 scholarship may mix and match their credits according to their preference.


1 Workshop

Gain access to any two live workshops of your choice


Done-with-you services

Work with one of our experts for 2 hours of mentoring or consulting


1 Peer-to-peer roundtable

Join one of our peer-to-peer roundtables for 6 months

Member must have completed the DIY courses associated with the Workshop and/or Done-with-you services before registering for these offerings.

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Frequently asked questions

Do the CCBB credits expire?
Yes. Credits expire 6 months after you were first awarded a Tier 2 scholarship. You can track the expiration date of your credits on your dashboard.
Do CCBB credits roll over?
No. The CCBB credits do not roll over. Even if you apply for and are approved for a Tier 2 scholarship renewal, you would be awarded 12 new credits.
Can done-with-you services be scheduled to start after the CCBB credits expire?
Yes. Done-with-you services may be scheduled to start even after your CCBB credits have expired as long as, those services have been scheduled before the CCBB credits expired.
May I apply for a Tier 1 scholarship renewal?
The CCBB is funded by the American Rescue Plan Act Grant (ARPA). So long as this funding continues, the Tier 1 scholarship does not expire, so renewal is not necessary. You will continue to have access to our online community and DIY courses as long as this program exists.
May I apply for a Tier 2 scholarship renewal?
Yes. You may continuously reapply for a Tier 2 scholarship renewal. With each renewal, you would receive 12 new CCBB credits.
Are they any pre-requirements to use Tier 2 services?
Yes. Member must have completed all courses associated with workshop and/or done-with-you service that they intend on signing up for.

How to apply

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